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E. Gjørven, R. Rouvoy, and F. Eliassen. Cross-Layer Self-Adaptation of Service-Oriented Architectures In 3rd International Middleware Workshop on Middleware for Service Oriented Computing (MW4SOC'08), Edited by K. M. Göschka, S. Dustdar, F. Leymann and V. Tosic. ACM, 2008.PDF icon Simula.ND.271.pdf (789.38 KB)
E. Gjørven, F. Eliassen, and R. Rouvoy. Experiences From Developing a Component Technology Agnostic Adaptation Framework In Component-Based Software Engineering 11th International Symposium, CBSE 2008, Karlsruhe, Germany, October 14-17, 2008, Edited by M. R. V. Chaudron, C. Szyperski and R. Reussner. Vol. 5282/2008. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2008.PDF icon Simula.ND.189.pdf (349.89 KB)
J. Oudenstad, F. Eliassen, E. Gjørven, and R. Rouvoy. Peer-to-Peer Brokering of Planning Meta-Data In Adaptable and Reflective Middleware (ARM) 2007, Edited by F. Costa. ACM Press, 2007.
F. Eliassen, E. Gjørven, V. S. W. Eide, and J. A. Michaelsen. Evolving Self-Adaptive Services Using Planning-Based Reflective Middleware In The 5th annual Workshop on Adaptive and Reflective Middleware (ARM 2006), Edited by N. V. Coulson. ACM Press, 2006.
E. Gjørven, F. Eliassen, K. Lund, J. Ø. Aagedal, and R. Staehli. A Mirror Based Approach to Building Reflective, Adaptive Middleware In 3. MiNEMA Workshop, Feb 7-8, Leuven, Belgium. MiNEMA Research Network, 2006.
E. Gjørven, F. Eliassen, and J. Ø. Aagedal. Quality of Adaptation In SELF - Self-adaptability and self-management of context-aware systems, July 19-21, 2006, Silicon Valley, USA, Edited by P. Dini, D. Ayed, C. Dini and Y. Berbers. IEEE, 2006.
E. Gjørven, F. Eliassen, K. Lund, V. S. W. Eide, and R. Staehli. Self-Adaptive Systems: a Middleware Managed Approach In 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Self-Managed Networks, Systems & Services (SelfMan 2006), Edited by J. M. F. Keller. Springer, 2006.
J. Floch, S. O. Hallsteinsen, E. Stav, F. Eliassen, K. Lund, and E. Gjørven. "Using Architecture Models for Runtime Adaptability." IEEE Software 23 (2006): 62-70.