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H. C. Benestad, and J. E. Hannay. Does the Prioritization Technique Affect Stakeholders' Selection of Essential Software Product Features? In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM 2012). New York, NY, USA: ACM, 2012.PDF icon Simula.simula.1224.pdf (351.24 KB)
J. Petersen, J. E. Hannay, and H. C. Benestad. Forskning På PERFORM Hva Har Vi Funnet Ut? In Talk given at Agile fagdag Statens Pensjonskasse August 27., 2010.PDF icon Simula.prepare.24.pdf (1.09 MB)
H. C. Benestad, B. C. D. Anda, and E. Arisholm. "A Method to Measure Productivity Trends During Software Evolution." In CCIS - Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering, edited by L. A. Maciaszek, C. Gonz´lez-Pérez and S. Jablonski, 147-162. Vol. 69. Communications in Computer and Information Science 69. Springer, 2010.PDF icon Simula.SE.643.pdf (150.81 KB)
J. E. Hannay, and H. C. Benestad. Perceived Productivity Threats in Large Agile Development Projects In International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM 2010), Edited by M. G. M. Succi and N. Nagappan. ACM, 2010.PDF icon Simula.se.759.pdf (1.21 MB)
H. C. Benestad, B. C. D. Anda, and E. Arisholm. "Understanding the Cost of Software Change: a Quantitative and Qualitative Investigation of Change Effort During Evolution of Two Software Systems." Empirical Software Engineering 15 (2010): 166-203.PDF icon Simula.SE.301.pdf (267.61 KB)
H. C. Benestad, B. C. D. Anda, and E. Arisholm. Assessing Software Product Maintainability Based on Class-Level Structural Measures In 7th International Conference on Product-focused Software Process Improvement (PROFES), Edited by J. Münch. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer-Verlag, 2006.PDF icon Benestad.2006.1.pdf (265.92 KB)
H. C. Benestad, E. Arisholm, and D. I. K. Sjøberg. How to Recruit Professionals As Subjects in Software Engineering Experiments In IRIS (Information Systems Research in Scandinavia), August 6-9, Kristiansand Norway, Edited by H. E., M. B.E., R. K. and F. L.S.. Department of Information Systems, Agder University College, 2005.PDF icon Benestad.2005.1.pdf (76.84 KB)
B. C. D. Anda, H. C. Benestad, and S. E. Hove. A Multiple-Case Study of Effort Estimation Based on Use Case Points In ISESE'2005 (Fourth International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering). IEEE Computer Society, Noosa, Australia, November 17-18, 2005.PDF icon Anda.2005.6.pdf (178.21 KB)