Cooperation between nLogic and SimulaMet in the SimulaMet Interoperability Lab

SimulaMet announces today a unique cooperation with nLogic in the SimulaMet Interoperability lab (SMIL). SimulaMet and nLogic will work together to design and test network solutions for 5G in the new lab.

Erlend Bonesvoll, CEO nLogic with Dr. Haakon Bryhni and Dr. Ahmed Elmokashfi

nLogic is an experienced network infrastructure vendor in Norway, representing key vendors such as Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks and Infinera among others. nLogic provides design and operational expertise and advanced network equipment to enterprises, operators and public institutions. 

Through this cooperation, SimulaMet will get access to the best experience on complex network design and configuration available in Norway, which will be used to study synchronization, network slicing and other key features of 5G infrastructure networks. The parties will initially work together using the Juniper MX-series routers from Juniper which will be used as the network backbone of the 5G lab. The lab is an experimental environment for research and innovation related to wireless technologies with focus on 5G and IoT. The lab has been granted dedicated 5G and 4G wireless spectrum from the Norwegian Communication Authority for wireless coverage for the laboratory. 

“I am pleased to announce that we are now working with nLogic with their long-established expertise on network infrastructure in our new laboratory at SimulaMet. nLogic also represents key vendors in the technology race for 5G. Access to latest generation network technologies enable us to perform research in the 5G area which are important for operators, companies and users.” says Dr. Kyrre Lekve, chairman of SimulaMet.

“As a long-term partner with the Norwegian network research community, we are excited about this collaboration with SimulaMet to define and benchmark network structures which can handle the advanced requirements of 5G applications. We also think that our experience from data centre applications can be useful in the collaboration since key elements of 5G processing will be done in distributed data centres interconnected by next generation networks.” says Arne Giæver, chairman of nLogic.

SMIL will provide an experimental environment for our researchers and collaborators to explore new innovations and perform high-impact research for industry, mobile operators and service providers. SimulaMet is also contributing to the OsloMet curriculum in advanced communication topics and plans to engage OsloMet student resources in experimental work related to emerging 5G services.

For more information and technical details about the lab see here.



Dr. Kyrre Lekve, Chairman of SimulaMet, Simula Research Laboratory,, +47 93 42 43 11


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