Debate: Huawei - at what risk?

On March 6th, NUPI and SimulaMet invited the security manager in Huawei Norway to debate cybersecurity.

Allowing a Chinese company like Huawei to develop our 5G network will pose a security risk, according to PST (the Norwegian Police Security Service) and a number of other Western intelligence agencies. The systems could be abused by China for espionage, and in the worst case, sabotage it is claimed. 

Is that right? Are Huawei's system more vulnerable than other systems? What are these vulnerabilities that are feared? What is it with Huawei that makes the company so controversial? Are there technological solutions that can solve these dilemmas? And why are we so concerned about the security of 5G when it was unproblematic that Huawei built the 4G network? 

Chair of the debate was Senior Advisor and Head of NUPIs Research Group on Security and Defense Karsten Friis, and with him was Professor and Director of SimulaMet Olav Lysne and VP Security, Quality and Risk Management in Huawei Norway Tore Larsen Orderløkken.

The debate is available as a podcast and on Youtube