How can artificial intelligence and virtual avatars be used in investigative interviews with children?

On December 6th, OsloMet and SimulaMet welcome you to the conference where three world-leading psychology professors talk about opportunities and challenges in the use of artificial intelligence and virtual avatars in revealing interviews with children. In addition, we will present the Avatar project, with a demonstration of the avatar.

What possibilities lie in the use of artificial intelligence and virtual avatars in investigative interviews with children, and what challenges does it entail? In this conference, the research group ARGI (Next Generation Avatar for Information Gathering Interviews) and Simulamet invite you to a conference on the topic.


09.00-09.15 Welcome by Associated Professor Gunn Astrid Baugerud
09.15-10.00 Professor Michael L. Lamb: "Developmentally appropriate investigative interviews of children"
10.00-10.15 Break
10.15-11.15 Professor Martine Powell: "Development of a new system for training investigative interviewers"
11.15-12.00 PhD Candidate Ragnhild Klingenberg Røed: "How practicing questioning skills using a dynamic child avatar can facilitate disclosure"
12.00-12.30 Lunch
12.30-13.15 Professor Jodi Quas: "Adolescent Victims of Sex Abuse and Exploitation: Unique Needs and Questioning Approaches"
13.15-14.05 Professor Pål Halvorsen: "Demonstration of artificial intelligence and avatar"
14.05-14.30 Break
14.30-15.00 Reflections and summary from the Child Welfare Service

How do I participate?

The conference is hybrid and open to everyone. It is possible to participate both physically at Clara Holst's house P46 and digitally. You register through the online form by clicking here