MedAI: Transparency in Medical Image Segmentation

The dataset competition is a collaboration with the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (NORA), where participants will be invited to submit to four different tasks. 


The tasks in the competition named “MedAI: Transparency in Medical Image Segmentation” aims to develop automatic segmentation systems that are transparent and explainable. 

We propose three tasks to meet specific gastrointestinal image segmentation challenges collected from experts within the field. This includes two different segmentation scenarios and a task on transparent machine learning systems that emphasizes the need for explainable and interpretable machine learning algorithms.


First Prize: 5000 Euro

Second Prize: 2500 Euro

The winning team will be announced during the NordicAIMeet2021 hosted on the 1-2nd of November at the Oslo Kongressenter. 

If you are based in the Nordic region, we also encourage you to register for the Nordic AI Meet 2021. You can also submit an abstract if you are interested in giving a talk. 

Important Dates: 

Development dataset release: 5th of August, 2021

Test dataset release: 23th of September, 2021

Participants submission of results: 27th of September, 2021 

Evaluation results for participants: 8th of October, 2021

Methods description paper submission: 15th of October, 2021


To register for the competition, click here. 


More information on the competition is available at 

If you have any questions regarding the competition, please email Michael Riegler at