Simula is working with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Together with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Simula has developed a voluntary app that can reduce the time needed to track the spread of Covid-19.

In combination with testing and active measures for new infections, the app will play a key role in controlling transmission and returning Norwegian society to a normal state. The app is developed according to Norwegian expectations of privacy and security.

The purpose of the app is to help Norway reduce the spread of the virus through a simple digital solution that runs in the background of an individual's phone. It is quite clear that everyone wants to contribute in the fight against covid-19. Simula has developed a tool for this purpose, and we hope and believe that most people will use this new tool to participate in the joint effort to curb the spread of the infection.

The app is now ready for download:

You can read more at, Helse-Norge and Folkehelseinstituttet