SimulaMet has a new department

Signal and Information processing for Intelligent Systems (SIGIPRO) is a cross-disciplinary department, established in November, 2021, and led by Baltasar Beferull-Lozano.

Quantitative analyst is drawing different charts on the glass screen. Source: shutterstock.

In this new department, the research will be focused on the areas of Signal Processing, Data Science, and Machine Learning for multi-sensor data and information systems. It also includes the areas of Distributed intelligence, Optimization, and Control for cyber-physical systems and networks.

The researchers in the department, currently Baltasar Beferull-Lozano and Joshin Krishnan, aim to deliver high-quality research and provide innovative solutions by creating theories and algorithms that blend different disciplines. 
Through this research, they will focus on establishing synergies between fundamental theory, algorithm solutions, and application-specific implementations. The goal is to provide technical contributions that have important societal impacts in multiple application domains.

For more information on SIGIPRO, please visit the department page.