SimulaMet researchers in the media

In an article published in Aftenposten, Research Professor Haakon Bryhni and other actors from business and academia, discuss how The Ministry of Local Government and Modernization’s proposal for a model for allocating the 5G-network must be changed.

SimulaMet has experience in this field by participating in several EU and national funded research projects in the field of 5G and operates an experimental 5G network testbed in Oslo called Simula Metropolitan Interoperability Lab (SMIL) which explore new opportunities possible with 5G.  Haakon Bryhni claims that innovation in the field of 5G should happen both within the operators, but also in industry and academia where local network access is mandatory for many of the initiatives. The current proposal blocks this opportunity.

The authors emphasize the need of an opportunity for a fast and unbureaucratic establishment of local networks to create breadth and power in Norwegian 5G innovation. With the innovation that local networks constitute, 5G can be used by other than traditional mobile operators.

They look to the established models in Germany and Sweden for inspiration. The Germans have established a solution that unbureaucratically stimulates and delivers innovation without choosing winners. The large number of issued frequency licenses confirms the need. Sweden is not far behind in their establishment. 

The article was published in Aftenposten in Norwegian, and can be read here. 

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