Minister of Digitalisation Nikolai Astrup visited Simula
From left: Olav Lysne (Director of SimulaMet), Nikolai Astrup (Minister of Digitalisation) and Aslak Tveito (Director of Simula) (Photo: Fanny Iversen Klang)

Minister of Digitalisation Nikolai Astrup visited Simula


Monday, October 28, the Minister of Digitalisation Nikolai Astrup visited Simula at Fornebu. 

The Minister is responsible for ICT in the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, as well as responsible for the work on electronic communication and resources for ICT research. The Minister was invited to learn more about Simula, and our work on Communication Systems, Machine Learning and IT Management.

Olav Lysne, Director of SimulaMet, gave the Minister a general introduction to Simula, before the research areas was presented. Ahmed Elmokashfi, Head of the Center for Resilient Networks and Applications (CRNA), presented together with Haakon Bryhni, Research Professor, the center’s work on robust networks for the Government. Valeriya Naumova, Head of Department of Machine Intelligence, talked about the research being done at Simula in the field of machine intelligence. Lastly, Magne Jørgensen, Head of the Department of IT Management, presented his team’s work on management of big IT projects in public sector. Aslak Tveito, Director of Simula, and Marianne Sundet, Deputy Director of SimulaMet, was also present in the meeting. 

The Minister has earlier been present at the opening of OsloMet Artificial Intelligence Lab, a joint research center between OsloMet and SimulaMet.