Communication systems

Communication systems

Within communication systems, our researchers explore methods for taking advantage of the opportunities while reducing the risks associated with modern communication systems. Our goal is to make digital infrastructure more robust, resilient, and secure, and to develop advanced applications for now and the future. We also study interactions between these systems and
society to help inform government policy.


Conducts research on the robustness and reliability of communication networks and applications. With focus on mobile and fixed network infrastructures, as well as analysis of application behaviour, including privacy and security.

Delivers innovative solutions for intelligent and multimodal sensor networks, information systems, and networked cyber-physical systems, by creating theories and algorithms that blend the areas of signal processing, data science and machine learning.

Address real-world challenges in distributed systems, using a holistic approach that encompasses all components of the system as well as novel machine learning algorithms. Conducting basic research, experimental prototyping, and running experiments in the intended real-world environments.