MobRob: Resilient Networks Mobile Broadband Measurements

MobRob: Resilient Networks Mobile Broadband Measurements

2012 - 2016

The Centre for resilient networks and applications (CRNA) at Simula leads and operates an activity that continuously measures and evaluates the robustness of the service of all major mobile broadband providers in Norway. These measurements are financed by the Ministry of Transport and Communication. During the fall of 2011 all providers were invited to participate in this effort. Participation from providers is sought to scale up the scale the number of measurement points that Simula can operate and to give the participating providers access to unique measurement data that closely captures end users’ experience. Tele2 and Ice Norge expressed willingness and joined Simula in building the first large-scale mobile broadband measurements world-wide. MobRob was commissioned immediately thereafter to manage and steer this collaboration.

The ambition of MobRob is to build a unique large scale measurement infrastructure and to create a dynamic medium where researchers and network operators can work together. Since its start in 2012, MobRob along with Robuste nett 2 have managed to deploy several hundreds of measurement points all over Norway. Participating operators have been using the collected measurement data in conjunction with data analysis and visualization systems developed by Simula to monitor how end users perceive their services.

Final goal:

Having up to 500 deployed measurement points spread around Norway to assess the robustness and performance of mobile broadband in Norway. Further, the project aims to create a dynamic environment where researchers and network operators can collaborate in order to improve the quality of mobile broadband in Norway. 

Funding source:

Partners and self-financing from CRNA

All partners:

  • Tele2
  • Ice Norge