Signal and Information Processing for Intelligent Systems

SIGIPRO is a cross-disciplinary Department dedicated to the fields of Signal Processing, Data Science, and Machine Learning for multi-sensor data and information systems. Our work also includes the areas of Distributed intelligence, Optimization, and Control for cyber-physical systems and networks. 

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Our target is to deliver high-quality research to provide innovative solutions by creating theories and algorithms that blend different disciplines. We focus on establishing synergies between fundamental theory, algorithmic solutions, and application-specific implementations with the goal of providing technical contributions that have important societal impacts. By providing a healthy and vibrating working environment, SIGIPRO gives profound importance to attract, consolidate, and encourage internationally recognized human resources devoted to fundamental and applied research. 

SIGIPRO aims at generating impact in multiple application domains: 

  • smart water networks
  • energy and communication networks
  • e-health
  • complex finance engineering systems
  • brain networks and cognitive neuroscience
  • collaborative robots
  • industry 4.0/5.0, digitalization of industry
  • embedded intelligence for next-generation batteries
  • autonomous self-navigation
  • human-machine interfaces
  • process optimization in wind farms and hydropower plants
  • transportation and biological networks

People at Signal and Information Processing for Intelligent Systems

Who we are?

Simula Metropolitan employees are researchers, postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, engineers and administrative people. We are from all over the world, ranging from newly educated to experienced researchers, all working on making research in digital engineering at the highest international level possible.

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