TrACEr: Time-Aware ConstrainEd Multimodal Data Fusion

TrACEr: Time-Aware ConstrainEd Multimodal Data Fusion

Research Area
Machine Learning

Data mining holds the promise to improve our understanding of dynamics of complex systems such as the human brain and human metabolome (i.e., the complete set of small biochemical compounds in the human body) by discovering the underlying patterns, i.e., subsystems, in data collected from these systems. However, discovering those patterns and understanding their evolution in time is a challenging task. The complexity of the systems requires collection of both time-evolving and static data from multiple sources using different technologies recording the behavior of the system from complementary viewpoints, and there is a lack of data mining methods that can find the hidden patterns in such complex data.

The goal of this multidisciplinary project is to develop novel data mining techniques to jointly analyze static and dynamic data sets to discover underlying patterns, understand temporal dynamics of those patterns, and capture early signs of future outcomes. We will introduce a scalable and constrained data fusion framework that can jointly factorize heterogeneous data in the form of matrices and multi-way arrays, by incorporating temporal as well as domain-specific constraints.

These methods will be motivated by a real, challenging system: the human metabolome, and used to jointly analyze static genetic information and longitudinal metabolomics data to discover interpretable patterns, i.e., subsystems corresponding to metabolic networks (networks of metabolites acting together), with the ultimate goal of understanding their role in the transition from healthy to diseased states. The project will play a significant role in terms of developing the data mining tools needed to extract meaningful information from the surge of data, referred to as "personal data clouds" being collected in predictive medicine studies, where participants give blood samples regularly to track their health status and will be alerted of early signs of diseases.

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Funding Source

Research Council of Norway, IKTPLUSS (2020-2024)

Novo Nordisk Foundation, Exploratory Interdisciplinary Synergy Grant (2020-2022)



COPSAC (Danish Pediatric Asthma Center)

University of Copenhagen

University of Amsterdam