Effective Digitalisation of the Public Sector

Effective Digitalisation of the Public Sector

EDOS is a research centre run by researchers at the department of IT Management. The centre receives funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development.

The goal is to provide knowledge on effective digitalisation of the public sector, input into how to improve processes and methods for the development of digital solutions, and research-backed advice to the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation, and other parts of the public sector.

To achieve this, we conduct empirical research on the technical, organisational, and societal aspects of digitalisation in the public sector, with a focus on:

  • benefits management in the development of IT systems and in digital transformations
  • flexible work processes and flexible organisation of software development
  • management and leadership of projects and product development
  • competence evaluation and resource management
  • cooperation and forms of agreement between actors

EDOS was launched in 2020 with the purpose of conducting research and uncovering practices that improve the benefits, speed up the transformation, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and make the changes less disruptive for all stakeholders.

The research is directed specifically at the public sector, which includes Norway’s national, regional, and local public services, including the health sector.

We publish a weekly newsletter covering research of relevance to our field.

The people in EDOS